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Exotic Animal Vet 303 W. Northeast Highway Grapevine TX 76051 (817) 839-7034When you are looking for a new vet in Grapevine, TX, contact Family Pet Clinic today at (817) 839-7034. Our veterinarian's goal has always been to be committed to providing exceptional client service and the best veterinary care to our treasured pets.

We provide compassionate care to all types of pets, as we are an exotic animal vet, which ranges from dogs and cats, to reptiles and some small farm animals. Oral hygiene is important to animals just as it is for humans, so our animal dentistry takes care to look for gum diseases and employ preventative measures to keep your pet from developing it.

Our animal flea control programs are tailored to fit your pet's needs and unique environment, allowing a more effective prevention of unwanted pest and insects invading your home. We offer the simple procedures of spaying/neutering your pets, thus helping to curb the addition of strays in overpopulated shelters. Every year, thousands of pets go missing and never make it home; animal microchipping can help prevent that from happening to you, allowing the two of you to reunite again.

If you are searching for a vet in Grapevine, TX, then the place to call is Family Pet Clinic at (817) 839-7034. Due to the shorter life span of our pets, we encourage clients to learn preventative measures to help their pets live a long and happy life, so call us today and find out how.

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Vet in Grapevine, TX
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