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Select Physical Therapy 12121 Blue Ridge Boulevard Grandview MO (816) 287-3640Look to knowledgeable physical therapists for physical therapy in Grandview, MO to rebalance your life after sustaining an injury. Select Physical Therapy at (816) 287-3640 offers comprehensive treatment programs in areas of sports medicine and physical rehabilitation. Our programs are created to meet the ever changing needs of each individual patient and may include low impact exercises and manual therapy for chronic pain relief.

When patients require physical rehabilitation, many people often assume that our plans only encompass physically retraining the body after an injury or accident. Some of our Grandview physical therapy services are designed to restore form and function and enable disabled patients to adapt to their changing capabilities. Our workers compensation rehab programs aim to reeducate injured workers on previous job skills while encouraging growth beyond imposed limitations.

Occupational therapy is an integral part of many of our treatment protocols. Our orthopedic rehabilitation patients truly benefit from the integrative methods we utilize to improve motor function and greatly increase their ability to complete daily activities. We also create various therapeutic exercise strategies to tackle decreased motor and neural responses which allows our patients to heal progressively and reach targeted objectives.

When you want knowledgeable physical rehabilitation specialists to help you realize your wellness goals, take the first steps by reaching out to Select Physical Therapy. Make a call to (816) 287-3640 to make physical therapy in Grandview, MO an integral part of your post injury recovery. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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Physical Therapy in Grandview, MO
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