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Podiatrist 4821 Butler Road, Suite 2D Glyndon MD (410) 989-9906You will find a leading family podiatrist in Glyndon, MD with one call to (410) 989-9906.  Dr. Christa M. Gredlein offers care for the entire family to help with foot and ankle injuries or conditions.  She will provide podiatric sports therapy for young athletes with ankle sprains along with podiatric orthopedics for crushed-foot and other serious injuries.

If you have poor arch support or flat feet, everyday walking around can leave you dealing with serious foot pain on a regular basis.  To get lasting, drug-free relief of this pain, you’ll want to visit a Glyndon podiatrist that can fit you with foot orthotics to provide whatever additional support your feet require.  Dr. Gredlein can provide the right orthotics devices for a wide range of pain-causing problems.

An appointment with Dr. Gredlein will provide all ages with comprehensive care to diagnose and treat whatever is causing your foot and ankle pain.  This means you can get surgical and non-surgical solutions for podiatric deformities or find diabetic shoes and other treatments for lower extremity paralysis.  Are you noticing yellowing of your toenails?  Contact us about podiatric disorder treatments to eliminate toenail fungus.

Make the right call for your family’s podiatrist in Glyndon, MD by dialing the number below.  Dr. Christa M. Gredlein provides the best in adult and pediatric podiatric care.  One call to (410) 989-9906 gets you an appointment with a foot and ankle care specialist.

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Podiatrist in Glyndon, MD
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