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GlenCroft Veterinary Hospital 4-6 East Glenolden Avenue Glenolden PA (610) 257-7981If you are looking for a professional vet in Glenolden, PA, call GlenCroft Veterinary Hospital at (610) 257-7981. We have been practicing in the Glenolden area for 35 years. Harold L. Russell, VMD, MPH, and his associates are committed to providing superior animal care to meet all your pet's needs.

At our Glenolden vet, we provide a wide range of medical treatments for animals of all kinds. We have pet wellness exams and preventative pet care to ensure the happiness and health of your pet. We also offer pet vaccinations and pet microchips so that we can track down your pet if they run away.

If your pet is currently suffering from a chronic illness, we can help! Call us for your pet medication and animal surgeries. Our veterinarians are certified to provide your pet everything it needs to get better. It can be hard to take care of your little animal friend, and we want to make it easy for you as possible.

For more information regarding our vet in Glenolden, PA, call us at (610) 257-7981. GlenCroft Veterinary Hospital offers the best animal care with commitment and expertise. Your pet means as much to us as it means to you. Let us help you keep your pet healthy and safe.

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Vet in Glenolden, PA
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