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Animal Flea Control 1405 West Silver Spring Drive Glendale WI 53209 (414) 973-1024For overall pet health care, call our small animal vet in Glendale, WI today. To schedule your visit call (414) 973-1024. Here at Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center, we provide complete wellness pet care with the use of traditional and holistic veterinary medicine. For kindhearted care for your family pet, call on our veterinarians today.

Our wellness center has been providing quality pet care since 1984. We are partners with the VetCor family of hospitals. This partnership allows us to have access to medical expertise, first-rate equipment and facility resources. Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center is known for their exceptional services such as; veterinary dentistry and euthanasia. Putting a pet to sleep is never an easy task; we understand your pain and will be there for you if the need arises.

Our center provides you with the exceptional help and information you need in being responsible pet owners. Spaying/neutering your animal is one way to show responsibility. Having animal microchipping is another and is a great tool in case your family pet ever gets lost. Do not forget about animal flea control for both you and your pets comfort.

We care, and we are here for you and your pet. For the leading premier provider of veterinary surgery and care, call our vet in Glendale, WI today. Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center is available to help you by calling (414) 973-1024..

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Vet in Glendale, WI
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