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Vet 3 Maple Street Gilford NH (603) 556-8150The call to make for a vet in Gilford, NH for all pets is to (603) 556-8150.  At VCA Laconia Animal Hospital, we have a team of experienced, caring veterinarians ready to help all pets.  We can aid dogs and cats with internal medical issues or offer the services of an exotic animal veterinarian for gerbils and ferrets when you call now.

As your pets age, they may require a change in diet and other specialized care.  If you have an older dog or cat, you may want to find a Gilford vet that offers geriatric pet care to manage pain or deal with other ailments.  We can provide senior animal care along with veterinary euthanasia to end an animal’s suffering.

One call here will take care of your pets’ health woes from veterinary dermatology to relieve itchy skin to veterinary surgery to deal with orthopedic and other injuries.  As veterinary dentistry specialists, we provide teeth cleaning and advanced treatments to deal with oral diseases in dogs, cats and other animals.  Do you want to protect your pets from health problems?  Ask about our preventative veterinary care programs that include vaccines, wellness checkups, nutrition tips and other services.

VCA Laconia Animal Hospital is where to call for a vet in Gilford, NH.  Whether you have an ill dog or a reptile pet, we offer complete veterinary care for all pets.  Call (603) 556-8150 to get your pet in to see our doctors.

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Vet in Gilford, NH
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