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Yoon Chiropractic 20030 Century Boulevard Germantown MD (240) 324-8856If you want to meet with a chiropractor in Germantown, MD, call Yoon Chiropractic at (240) 324-8856 and plan to meet with one of our specialists. Our holistic chiropractic care services are designed to help people find relief from pain and enjoy a better quality of life. We treat people of all ages and backgrounds, so make us your number one choice for adult and pediatric chiropractic services.

Are you one of the many people living with daily back, neck or shoulder pain? If so, our Germantown chiropractor may have an answer to your problem. By performing a detailed analysis of your physical condition and pinpointing the root of the problem, we can then readjust your body to free up tension in the area in which you are experiencing pain.

Come see us to get relief from carpal tunnel syndrome so we can reduce joint inflammation. We can also do a disc herniation treatment if you have a bulging disc. Chiropractic traction therapy is another option for treating vertebral issues and involves using highly effective equipment to reduce pressure on the spine and nerves.

A great way to contact a knowledgeable chiropractor in Germantown, MD is by dialing (240) 324-8856 and talking to Yoon Chiropractic. We can provide chiropractic treatment for injuries so you can recover faster and also offer routine treatments for pain and discomfort. Call us now to learn more about our chiropractic services.

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Chiropractor in Germantown, MD
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