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Physical Therapy 592 Fieldstown Road Gardendale, AL 35071 (205) 418-8915 Do you need physical therapy in Gardendale, AL to recover from a sports injury?  Then dial (205) 418-8915 for an appointment at Champion Sports Medicine, a full service sports medicine clinic able to help athletes of all ages suffering from minor or severe injuries.  Our therapists will create a personalized sports injury rehabilitation program that will help you recover safely and deal with whatever pain you’re feeling.

Moving and stretching injured muscles and joints can do wonders for helping you recover quickly.  Before you start working areas where you’re hurt you should call a Gardendale physical therapy provider that specializes in manual therapy to ensure you’re doing things correctly.  We can provide you with a wide range of manual therapies and complete orthopedic care to aid in your injury recovery efforts.

Our team of experienced and caring physical therapists make patient care a top priority in every case.  You can seek us out to receive hand therapy from a certified hand therapist or when you require any type of orthopedic therapy to heal injured muscles and ligaments.  Simply dial our number above and let us know what you need from our therapists.

If you need to undergo physical therapy in Gardendale, AL, Champion Sports Medicine is here to help.  We offer personalized comprehensive care to aid patients of all ages with physical rehabilitation.  Call us at (205) 418-8915 to learn how we can help you today.

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Physical Therapy in Gardendale, AL
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