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Vet 1223 Buffalo Jones Avenue Garden City KS 67846 (620) 277-9933Keep your pet healthy by visiting a vet in Garden City, KS specializing in preventative care.  Dialing (620) 277-9933 will put you in touch with Garden City Veterinary Clinic, a full service pet hospital able to offer regular pet wellness exams to keep animals healthy.  Whether your dog needs to see a doctor for internal health problems or you’re searching for a bird veterinarian, we are ready to help.
If your beloved pet is in pain, you as a caring owner will want to put an end to it.  Since getting animals to take medication is often very difficult you may want to locate a Garden City vet able to offer alternative pain-relieving therapies.  Contact our veterinarians about veterinary laser therapy to relieve an animal’s pain without the need for medication.
Dr. Eric Tuller and Dr. Lila McDiffett are able to offer complete care for dogs, cats, birds, and many other pets.  This includes veterinary dental cleanings to prevent oral health problems, pet vaccinations against serious diseases, and even veterinary surgery to spay or neuter your pet.  Are you concerned about fleas, ticks, or heartworms?  We provide the best in pet parasite prevention and control for all animals.
The call you should make for a vet in Garden City, KS is to the number below.  Garden City Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing unmatched care for all of your animal friends.  Calling (620) 277-9933 will put you in touch with our vets now.

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Vet in Garden City, KS
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