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Physical Therapy 1501 E Fulton Terrace #1 Garden City KS 67846 (620) 277-9908Consider all of your options for physical therapy in Garden City, KS by consulting with the physical therapists of Synergy Physical Therapy and Wellness. When you dial (620) 277-9908 to establish a treatment regimen, you get personalized attention from a dedicated physical rehabilitation specialist. We offer clients various options to restore strength and stability, including hands on manual therapy and progressive sports medicine.
Many patients are unaware of their exact treatment needs when they are prescribed physical rehabilitation for their ailment or condition. We begin our Garden City physical therapy programs by providing each client with a full evaluation to determine the right treatment regimen for their needs. Then, our knowledgeable physical therapists create a plan to restore mobility and function, whether you require orthopedic therapy or workers comp rehabilitation.
If you experience mandibular pain that never seems to subside, you may be dealing with a TMJ disorder. Our professionally trained physical therapists treat mandible pain and weakness with specialized treatment protocols. TMJ dysfunction therapy may include therapeutic exercise routines designed to treat the underlying symptoms and improve jaw flexibility.
Make the right choice when you desire prompt and professional acute pain management by entrusting your physical therapy in Garden City, KS to a qualified team. Simply dial (620) 277-9908 for Synergy Physical Therapy and Wellness to ensure your physical rehabilitation services are carried out by a compassionate team. Call today to schedule your initial assessment.

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Physical Therapy in Garden City, KS
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