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Physical Therapy 119 North Main Street Galena MD (443) 292-2661End your search for quality physical therapy in Galena, MD at Physiotherapy Associates.  A call to (443) 292-2661 will provide you with professional help whether you’re injured or require aid with chronic pain management.  We have a team of pediatric, adult and geriatric physical therapy specialists that provide the personalized attention you deserve to deal with many physical health concerns.

Constant use of your hands and wrists can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other painful conditions.  If you’re affected by such problems, you’ll want to visit with a Galena physical therapy clinic with a certified hand therapist able to help relieve the often intense pain associated with hand and wrist conditions.  You should call our physical therapists if you ever require hand therapy.

No matter why you’re experiencing musculoskeletal pains, our goal is to provide effective treatments to relieve it.  This means you can call us to arrange injury rehabilitation with sports medicine specialists to help injured athletes or get aid with orthopedic rehab to alleviate pain from arthritis and other joint conditions.  All you need do is dial our number below to take advantage of our therapeutic treatments.

The one and only call you should be making for physical therapy in Galena, MD is to Physiotherapy Associates.  Our staff is here to improve your overall health and wellness.  Get in touch with a physical therapist by dialing (443) 292-2661 right now.

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Physical Therapy in Galena, MD
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