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Animal Flea Control 26 East Baltimore Street Funkstown MD 21734 (240) 347-3920When you need a vet in Funkstown, MD from the Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown,you can call (240) 347-3920 and make an appointment with the veterinarians who care about animals. Your pet is a central part of your family, and it deserves the finest medical attention. From animal flea control services to the declawing of most types of pets, you can put your trust in us.

We can offer a variety of veterinary medical specialties for your animal companions. Let us keep your pet's teeth and gums looking and feeling clean and healthy through our veterinary dentistry services. We can perform animal microchipping procedures, which acts as a tag that can help keep track of lost animals. We can treat all different types of animals, so whether you need a big or small animal vet, we can provide top notch treatment. And if veterinary euthanasia is the right choice for your sick or dying pet, we can perform the procedure quickly and painlessly to ensure minimal suffering.

So when looking for a vet in Funkstown, MD, just call Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown at (240) 347-3920 and let us help out by ensuring the happiness and good health of all your pets. Whether your pet needs grooming and animal spaying/neutering services, or if you have an animal that's sick and needs medical treatment right away, we are the ones to call.

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Vet in Funkstown, MD
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