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Animal Flea Control 1520 West Bay Area Blvd #7 Friendswood TX 77546 (281) 786-2904We are the vet in Friendswood, TX that will treat and feed your furry family member. Pet Vet Animal Hospitals wants to help you with all your pet's needs, call us at (281) 786-2904 for information or appointment. Our emphasis is on preventive care so that your pet can live a long, healthy happy life. To help with this we also work with holistic veterinary medicine.

The hospital is a separate building in the mall parking lot. It is 4,500 sq. ft. and includes a spacious area to perform special services like veterinary docking/cropping on your pups. We also have an area for displaying pet food and supplies, such as animal flea control products. We are considered a full service small animal vet because we treat cats and dogs. This means we are a veterinary dentistry office that offers services similar to those available for people. When you are here the veterinarians will make recommendations regarding vaccinations, when it is a good time for spaying/neutering, and if declawing is a safe option for your cat. The doctors also suggest animal microchipping, which is proven to help owners and pets be reunited when separated.

Call Pet Vet Animal Hospitals today and put your pet's health into caring hands. Our number is (281) 786-2904; we are the best vet in Friendswood, TX. We are pleased to accept most insurance, so just ask.

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Vet in Friendswood, TX
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