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Vet 192-09 Union Turnpike Fresh Meadows NY 11366 (347) 229-0480Choosing the right vet in Fresh Meadows, NY is easy when you dial (347) 229-0480. At Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic you’ll find a team of doctors ready to offer feline and canine care, from vaccinations to veterinary dermatology to treat fleas.  Do you have another species?  Call here for a reptile or bird veterinarian to see your scaled and feathered friends.
Those who love their pets will want to help them remain as healthy as possible throughout a long life.  Annual or semi-annual pet health checkups by pediatric, adult, and senior pet care specialists will aid in keeping family pets free of disease and other health problems.  A simple call to our veterinarians will take care of checkups and any needed medical care.
Each Fresh Meadows vet on our staff is committed to offering superior medical, dental and surgical services for dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, cockatiels and more.  We can offer non-invasive veterinary laser surgery for soft tissue procedures, along with internal and external pet parasite control and prevention.  Are you concerned about an animal’s oral health?  Call us about pet dental care including cleanings, extractions, and oral surgery.
Where you call for a vet in Fresh Meadows, NY is important.  Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic offers veterinary care for many of the animals your family keeps as pets.  You should call (347) 229-0480 if your pet ever needs a good doctor.

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Vet in Fresh Meadows, NY
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