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Vehicle Donation 6700 Stevenson Boulevard Fremont CA 94538 (408) 912-1775If you have considered making a charitable car donation in Fremont, CA, call America's Car Donation Center at (408) 912-1775. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of people just like you donate a car to a worthy cause. Through our vehicle donation program, we take any used car donations as well as any other vehicle you wish to donate.

Do you own an old working vehicle you no longer want?If so, you may want to choose to "donate car to charity" as the solution and obtain a tax write-off. As an experienced Fremont car donation company, we will take your vehicle donation for any of the 2,000 charities we work with and provide you with an auto donation receipt the very day we pick up your donation.

car donation, americas car donation centerWe are the nation's largest and most respected car donation center. In one quick two-minute call, you will be able to arrange for free vehicle pickup in as little as one day when you decide to donate your car. That is why if you select "donate car" as the option for your unwanted vehicle, we are the only name to remember.

The call to make if you want to make a car donation in Fremont, CA to any major charity is to America's Car Donation Center. Our professional staff will help you help out national charities when you dial (408) 912-1775. Ask about receiving three free vacation certificates when you call us today.


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Car Donation in Fremont, CA
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