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Chiropractor 455 W Stephenson Street Freeport IL 61032 (815) 981-9522When you need help from a chiropractor in Freeport, IL, call (815) 981-9522. You will find Freeport Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture is a clinic that possesses the staff expertise and equipment to get the job done. Our family practice diagnoses the causes of back pain and sets you up with a personalized treatment plan.

For the last 15 years, our Freeport chiropractor has been helping citizens feel their best through acupressure and other time-tested techniques. Often, a spinal adjustment is all you need to bring you back to your full height, help you focus, or treat persistent headaches. If a simple chiropractic adjustment does not quite do the trick, we provide other treatment options and alternatives including acupuncture.

Our clinic is a haven for people who suffer from chronic pain. Since we treat the whole person, we can give you lifestyle recommendations and corrective exercises to bring home with you and help you feel better every day. This includes stretches and mobility tips as well as nutrition recommendations to help minimize inflammation.

Get the touch of a chiropractor in Freeport, IL, to heal your pain. Call (815) 981-9522 for Freeport Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture today to get started on your path to healing and a better life. When you call, we will arrange the soonest possible chiropractic appointment for you, often on the same day you call. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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Chiropractor in Freeport, IL
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