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Physical Therapy 13670 Metropolis Avenue #103 Fort Myers FL (239) 244-3676Do you want physical therapy in Fort Myers, FL to aid with sports injury recovery?  Then dial (239) 244-3676 to reach Sports Specialty & Rehab Center and take advantage of the best in sports medicine therapies for sprains, strains or other minor hurts.  Did you recently undergo surgery to fix a knee or shoulder ligament?  Call here to begin a postsurgical rehabilitation program today.

As we get older, many aches and pains seem to crop up regularly making it difficult to get through the day.  If you’re looking for a better chronic pain management solution than taking medications, you should call geriatric physical therapy specialists that deal with many of the aches and pains of aging.  At our Fort Myers physical therapy center, you’ll find arthritis care and more.

Here you will find certified physical therapists that offer personal attention to each patient.  You can seek us out for orthopedic care when you injure muscles, tendons or ligaments as well as find braces, splints and other custom orthotics fit specifically to you.  Just give us a quick call to schedule a PT evaluation today.

Your best call for physical therapy in Fort Myers, FL is the one you place to Sports Specialty & Rehab Center.  We help athletes deal with injuries and provide relief from chronic pains too.  Call (239) 244-3676 to see how our therapists can help you.

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Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL
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