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Hickory Veterinary Hospital 534 E Jarrettsville Road Forest Hill MD (443) 282-1411End your search for a caring vet in Forest Hill, MD with a call to Hickory Veterinary Hospital.  Dialing (443) 282-1411 will put you in touch with a team of full service veterinarians ready to provide whatever care your pets need to deal with illness or injury.  Do you want to stop the cat from shredding draperies or furniture?  Ask about declawing procedures by calling us now.

When an animal is old, very fat or seriously ill, it can be difficult to get them to a Forest Hill vet for treatment.  The easiest solution to this problem is to locate a vet’s office that offers veterinary house calls to take care of minor medical concerns right at your home.  We will provide pet wellness exams, veterinary dentistry cleanings and other minor services right where an animal is comfortable.

You can trust our staff to provide the care your pet needs no matter what medical problems they’re experiencing.  We offer veterinary surgery to spay or neuter animals and prevent breeding along with animal microchipping implants that help you to locate lost animals.  Did you recently welcome a new pet into the family?  Call here to schedule pet vaccinations against rabies, distemper and other serious diseases.

The call you want to make for a vet in Forest Hill, MD is to Hickory Veterinary Hospital.  We care about keeping the animals you love healthy.  Give us a call at (443) 282-1411 anytime your pet is ill.

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Vet in Forest Hill, MD
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