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Florissant Animal Hospital 605 N Highway 67 Florissant MO (314) 656-6998Are you searching for the best vet in Florissant, MO? Then you should contact Florissant Animal Hospital today (314) 656-6998. Our professional and courteous veterinarians seek to provide the best possible medical and preventative care to our highly valued patients, whether you need animal boarding to an emergency veterinary clinic, we have you covered.

When you get animal grooming for your pet, you are doing more than just making their coat look nice, it actually helps to keep their skin healthy and free of parasites. Oral hygiene is just as important for your pets as it is for humans, so our veterinary dentistry will help to prevent diseases and treat them as well. For our puppy patients that are current on vaccinations, we do provide veterinary ear cropping as a simple surgical procedure.

Our Florissant vet office services more pets than only cats and dogs, as we are an exotic animal vet as well, helping out reptiles and small mammals as they are growing in popularity. To our patients, we also offer animal microchipping to all of the pets that come to us, as a safe and effective way to help you regain possession of your pet should they become lost.

When you are in need of a vet in Florissant, MO, then Florissant Animal Hospital is the place to call at (314) 656-6998. Our veterinarians understand how important your pets are to your family, so we want to help you keep them happy and healthy for many years to come.

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Vet in Florissant, MO
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