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Vet 821 Romaine Creek Road Fenton MO (636) 244-8265End your search for a caring vet in Fenton, MO at Romaine Creek Veterinary Center.  Dialing (636) 244-8265 will put you in touch with Dr. Gwen Schlueter, an experienced veterinarian that has the tools to provide dogs and cats with medical, dental and surgical care throughout their lives.  From preventative veterinary care for healthy animals to caring for ill pets of any age, here is where you should call first.

Clean, healthy teeth and gums are just as important for dogs and cats as humans.  If your pet’s teeth are yellowing, you should take them to a Fenton vet able to offer necessary veterinary dentistry care to clean them.  We offer dental care to prevent oral health concerns along with annual pet health checkups to catch any medical problems too.

One quick call to the number below puts you in touch with a full service veterinary clinic able to care for your beloved family pet.  You can schedule veterinary surgery to have animals spayed or neutered or reach our pet pharmacy about advanced flea, tick and heartworm prevention medicines.  Simply dial the number above and we’ll take care of your pet’s medical woes.

Where you call for a vet in Fenton, MO is important.  Romaine Creek Veterinary Center will provide unmatched care for the animals you love.  Just dial (636) 244-8265 for an appointment today.

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Vet in Fenton, MO
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