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Physical Therapy 560 Grady Avenue Fayetteville GA 30214 (770) 336-7660Proper physical reconditioning begins with advanced physical therapy in Fayetteville, GA applied by the knowledgeable physical therapists at Emory Rehabilitation Outpatient Center. Simply dial (770) 336-7660 to obtain essential research-based physical rehabilitation from our uniquely qualified professional staff. Our facility is the destination of choice for patients in need of prompt pain management routines, including beneficial modalities for orthotic therapy.

When you work hard and play hard, you take the risk of sustaining an injury that requires prompt physical rehabilitation. Our skilled physical therapists will create a productive workers comp rehabilitation program with the goal of getting you back to your pre-injury level of productivity. If your job is sports related, we also provide advanced sports medicine to ensure your recovery is both thorough and progressive.

Our Fayetteville physical therapy office strives to find an appropriate means of pain management and to improve your quality of life by targeting pain at its source. We ensure your orthopedic rehabilitation program will be catered to your specific needs for mechanical or manual therapy. Along with muscle manipulation, we find that patients respond well to therapeutic exercise routines that they can safely complete at home.

Conclude a long convalescence by acquiring outstanding orthopedic rehabilitation services from a trusted source for proficient physical therapy in Fayetteville, GA. Place a call to (770) 336-7660 to reach us here at Emory Rehabilitation Outpatient Center.  We welcome your call today to explore your assisted recovery options.

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Physical Therapy in Fayetteville, GA
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