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Vet 204 Farmington Avenue Farmington, CT 06032 (860) 404-6944 The call to make for a vet in Farmington, CT is to (860) 404-6944.  Veterinarian Dr. Donald B. Ducor of Farmington Animal Hospital is a leading provider of preventative veterinary care services to keep dogs, cats and other pets healthy throughout their lives.  Through regular checkups and other services we can help to improve and maintain young, adult and senior pet wellness.

Keeping your pets healthy will require certain procedures be taken care of by a Farmington vet.  You’ll need them to receive pet immunizations against common diseases along with occasional pet physical exams to catch any health concerns.  Dr. Ducor is the veterinarian you want providing lifelong care for all your beloved animals.

A quick call here will provide unmatched quality care to deal with medical, dental or other health issues for dogs and cats.  This means you can bring your old dog in for veterinary dentistry cleanings to remove plaque from his teeth or schedule veterinary surgery to spay a cat before kittens can arrive.  Is your pet experiencing a serious problem?  Call us right now for emergency veterinary care.

The best call you’ll ever make for a vet in Farmington, CT is to our number below.  Farmington Animal Hospital will care for your family’s beloved pets to keep them around for a long time.  Call us at (860) 404-6944 to schedule your pet an appointment.

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  • Animal Hospital
  • Pet Immunizations
  • Veterinary Surgery
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  • Pet Physical Exams
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Vet in Farmington, CT
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