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Kennebec Physical Therapy 14 Second Street Farmingdale ME (207) 430-3088You will receive hands-on physical therapy in Farmingdale, ME with a call to (207) 430-3088.  Therapists from Kennebec Physical Therapy offer one-on-one care to help with a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that are causing you pain. From sports medicine therapies for tendonitis and other minor problems to treating arthritis and degenerative disc disorders, we’re committed to providing quality care.

Dealing with those daily aches and pains probably makes moving around more difficult, especially during the colder months of the year.  One way to relieve the pain of arthritic joints or others is to call Farmingdale physical therapy providers specializing in chronic pain management programs.  We can offer geriatric physical therapy for painful conditions along with pediatric physical therapy for kids’ developmental concerns.

One call here will put you in touch with a team of certified physical therapists able to offer the latest manual therapy options to aid with injury recovery or managing everyday pains.  You can turn to our professional staff for aid with workers comp rehab that includes conditioning programs before you return to work or get individualized post-surgical rehabilitation help after joint repair or replacement procedures.  Just dial our number below to discuss your PT needs now.

Call us at Kennebec Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, ME for help with your musculoskeletal pains.  Whether you’re injured or suffer from sciatica and other chronic pains, we’re here to help you.  Dialing (207) 430-3088 puts you in touch with us today.

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Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, ME
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