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Agape Physical Therapy 2205 Bel Air Road Fallston MD (443) 966-3474You will receive one-on-one physical therapy in Fallston, MD with one call to (443) 966-3474.  At Agape Physical Therapy, we believe in providing individualized treatment plans to work with your strengths in rehabilitating all types of musculoskeletal injuries.  Do you suffer from severe arthritis pain?  Ask our geriatric physical therapy specialists about aquatic therapy and other pain-relieving treatments for arthritis by calling today.

Injuries playing sports, especially the more severe ones, often require the use of braces or other orthotic devices.  If your child is hurt in a game, you should take them to a pediatric physical therapy specialist that can provide the proper care and orthotics therapy if splints or braces are required to heal their injuries.  One call here will put you in touch with Fallston physical therapy providers specializing in sports medicine for athletes of any age.

You can count on our physical therapists to offer the right treatment for your individual physical health concern.  This means we provide workers comp rehab sessions that help injured workers heal and get back on the job along with orthopedic care for those everyday muscle or joint aches and pains.  That is why if you want one-on-one care from a physical therapist, you should dial our number now.

Choosing who to call for physical therapy in Fallston, MD is easy.  Agape Physical Therapy will help you with a wide range of pain-causing problems. Just dial (443) 966-3474 to schedule a PT appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Fallston, MD
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