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Cleaning Services 101 Station 44 Road Eveleth MN 55734 (218) 325-7355Do you need more than house cleaners in Eveleth, MI after a disaster struck your home?Call Service Master Cleaning at (218) 325-7155 so we can restore your home back to living conditions. This means fixing the damages and doing the house cleaning so you can feel at home again. After an unfortunate home disaster, we are here to help provide peace of mind amidst the disruption. Since fire and water damage do not have a time table, we have an emergency call center available 24/7, 365 days a year.

If our cleaning services are required because of fire and smoke damage, we must move quickly because damage continues even though the fire is out. If you have any floors that are made of tile or marble, then the floor cleaning needs to get done right away to remove any soot, so it does not become unsalvageable. This also applies when it comes to any carpet cleaning needed.

Now if it is water damage that we are being called in for, we will inspect and get rid of the water. We will then reconstruct the damaged area and then do construction clean-up which may include window cleaning if there is fine saw dust of dry wall film on your windows. Green cleaning is available if you prefer.

We, at Service master cleaning are experts at what we do. Call us at (218) 325-7155, and we will have you back in your home as soon as possible. Whatever cleaning needs to be done, our house cleaners in Eveleth, MI can give excellent results every time.

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House Cleaners in Eveleth, MN
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