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Vet 6805 Darmstadt Road Evansville IN 47710 (812) 868-7471The search for a vet in Evansville, IN that treats all animals ends right here.  Dial (812) 868-7471 to reach Highland Veterinary Clinic, an animal hospital able to care for dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and many other household animals.  Dr. Gregg J. Gormley and his staff offer everything from orthopedic veterinary surgery to treat serious injuries to veterinary laser therapy to relieve pain when you call today.
Preventative care is very important for keeping dogs, cats, and other animals healthy.  If the time has come for pet health checkups, it helps if you can locate an Evansville vet able to offer these and any needed care afterwards.  Call us today about our animal preventative healthcare plans that include pet vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and more.
Whether you have an ailing dog or are searching for an exotic animal vet, Dr. Gormley is the veterinarian you should call first.  He and his staff are dedicated to helping all your animals with veterinary dental care or any necessary medical and surgical services.  Do you live on a farm or ranch?  Dr. Gormley offers many small farm animal veterinary care services too.
Choosing the right vet in Evansville, IN is easier than you might think.  Dr. Gregg J. Gormley of Highland Veterinary Clinic is an experienced animal healthcare provider ready to help your pet.  Calling (812) 868-7471 will ensure your pet quality care today.

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Vet in Evansville, IN
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