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Physical Therapy 9250 Corkscrew Road Estero FL (239) 908-0222Your search for one-on-one physical therapy in Estero, FL ends at Physiotherapy Associates.  With a call to (239) 908-0222, you’ll reach a team of certified physical therapists experienced at providing the personal attention you deserve to manage the pain of injuries or chronic musculoskeletal conditions.  Were you recently fitted with a prosthetic device?  We can provide prosthetic therapy to help you become accustomed to any new device.

Anyone that has undergone ACL surgery can tell you the length of time it can take to rehabilitate the knee after surgery.  If you’ve suffered such an injury, you should consider speaking with Estero physical therapy specialists that offer postsurgical rehabilitation programs specific to your individual needs.  We’ll provide manual therapy to help with the pain along with orthotics therapy to help you learn to move with a knee brace.

One call to our number below will help you deal with injury or chronic pains.  We provide orthopedic care for seniors looking to naturally relieve arthritis pain along with occupational therapy and return-to-work programs if you’re hurt on the job.  From physical injuries to vestibular rehabilitation, here is where you should call.

Making the right call for physical therapy in Estero, FL is easier than you think.  Physiotherapy Associates will offer personal attention and a treatment plan customized to your needs.  Dial (239) 908-0222 to discuss treatment options with a physical therapist today.

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Physical Therapy in Estero, FL
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