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Animal Flea Control 5065 Buffalo Road Erie PA 16510 (814) 580-5991If you need an expert vet in Erie, PA, make a call to Twinbrook Veterinary Hospital at (814) 580-5991 and entrust your pet's health to the most trusted veterinarians in town. Scheduling regular checkups can be important towards maintaining the health of your pet. We are happy to offer animal flea control and we can provide standard services such as declawing.

As a small animal vet, we are used to caring for even the littlest creatures and we are fully capable of handling the health concerns of the big ones as well. We can help you keep track of your pet through animal microchipping, a minor surgical procedure that leaves a radio wave readable identity tag implanted just under your pet's skin.

We offer a sterile and comforting environment, as well as checkups and aftercare for animals requiring veterinary surgery. And when your pet's health demands looking into veterinary euthanasia, we have the answers to all of your questions for helping you make this tough choice.

When looking for a vet Erie, PA place your call to Twinbrook Veterinary Hospital at  (814) 580-5991 and let us take care of your pet's health needs. From veterinary dentistry to typical practices like spaying/neutering, we are ready to make the choice simple when you are considering your pet's health needs. What are you waiting for? Call now!

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Vet in Erie, PA
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