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Auto Repair 3937 South Lipan Street Englewood CO (720) 314-8946Finding the right person to trust for auto repair in Englewood, CO is easy. Call (720) 314-8946 and The Honest Mechanic will perform auto tune-ups that will have every car in your household running as smoothly as possible. Whether you just need regular oil changes or your automobile systems have started to fail, let our lead mechanic Brian Egan become your regular mechanic for all your automotive needs.

Mr. Egan graduated with honors from the Denver Automotive and Diesel College in 2006. He began working at a local shop called Lee & Tyler's Auto Services in Denver providing excellent Englewood auto repair right out of school. When the shop closed down in 2011, he decided it was time to open his own auto repair shop.

Specializing in total auto tune-ups, you can trust Mr. Egan and the rest of the staff to provide you with excellent and honest service no matter what you come in for. If you need brake repair, that is what you will get, with no hidden charges whatsoever. From wheel alignment to engine repair and everything in between, this is the shop to help you get a perfectly functioning automobile and remember the joys of driving once again.

Call (720) 314-8946 and let Brian Egan, lead mechanic of The Honest Mechanic help you with excellent auto repair in Englewood, CO. We will perform engine repair, and put it all back together with as little layover time as possibly. We want your business and we are willing to work as hard as we possibly can to serve you.

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Auto Repair in Englewood, CO
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