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Vet 195 N. El Camino Real Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 487-7481 Get in touch with a good vet in Encinitas, CA at The Drake Center for Veterinary Care.  Dialing (760) 487-7481 will put you in touch with a team of veterinarians ready to care for the animal members for your family.  We offer semi-annual pet health exams to catch serious problems early along with lifelong pet health care to keep your beloved animals a part of the family.

With the number of stray and homeless animals it is very important we all try to help control the pet population.  When you get a new puppy or kitten you should take them to an Encinitas vet with the facilities to offer spaying and neutering.  Contact us for veterinary surgery to spay or neuter dogs and cats.

We are dedicated to providing only the best possible care for your pets regardless of their age.  This means you can count on us to keep young pets healthy or when you want an old and ailing friend to receive help with pain management.  Do you have an ailing cat you don’t want to move?  Contact our feline vet to schedule veterinary house calls today.

Your best resource for a vet in Encinitas, CA is to call us at The Drake Center for Veterinary Care.  Our experienced animal doctors will provide outstanding care including veterinary dentistry for all your pets.  A call to (760) 487-7481 puts you in touch with our veterinary hospital now.

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Vet in Encinitas, CA
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