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Physical Therapy 210 B South Bridge Street Elkton MD 21921 (443) 945-9361Physiotherapy Associates provides physical therapy in Elkton, MD to help you rehabilitate any injury.  Just dial (443) 945-9361 and you can schedule an evaluation with one of our injury rehab specialists to determine the best possible treatments to reduce your pain and aid a speedy, safe recovery.  We offer aquatic therapy for joint mobilization along with a wide range of manual therapies to aid you through the entire rehab process.
A serious injury to your knee or another joint will probably require surgery to repair, followed by an extensive rehab.  If you sustain such a joint injury, you should speak with physical therapists to establish a detailed postoperative rehabilitation program to ensure you recover fully.  A call to our Elkton physical therapy center will provide you with compete orthopedic therapy for all of your hurting joints.
Whether you need help with neuro rehabilitation after a serious back injury or are looking for sports medicine specialists, ours is the number to dial.  As orthopedic manual therapists we’re able to offer hand-on treatments that gently relieve pain and improve range to generally better overall physical wellness.  Do you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  We have a certified hand therapist to help with this too.
Choosing where to call for physical therapy in Elkton, MD is easy if you remember our number at Physiotherapy Associates.  We provide comprehensive, individualized physical rehab programs to help all our patients.  Call (443) 945-9361 to reach one of our certified therapists.

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Physical Therapy in Elkton, MD
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