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Vet 516 County Road Elkart IN 46514 (574) 742-2430You’ll find a vet in Elkhart, IN that provides complete pet care by dialing (574) 742-2430.  Animal Care Clinic North is dedicated to providing the medical, dental, or surgical services necessary to keep your pets healthy throughout their lives.  From veterinary dental care to clean a dog’s teeth, to pain management and other senior pet care services, here is where you want to call.
When many animals go into heat, their first and only thought is finding a partner to breed with.  Since this could make your dog or cat run off into danger, you may want to call an Elkhart vet that offers spaying and neutering procedures to prevent them from mating.  One call to our veterinarians will take care of this and a wide range of other veterinary surgery procedures.
We have a staff of vets experienced across many different veterinary care specialties.  You can bring pets in for animal wellness exams to ensure they’re healthy, or have animal microchipping implanted to easily locate them if they become lost.  Is your dog or cat suffering in pain?  Call us about veterinary euthanasia for a humane way to end their suffering.
Your first and last call for a vet in Elkhart, IN will be to Animal Care Clinic North.  Our staff is ready to help your pet with a wide range of injuries and diseases.  A call to (574) 742-2430 will get your pets taken care of today.

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Vet in Elkhart, IN
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