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Physical Therapy 109 Walker Drive Edinboro PA 16412 (814) 273-8694Get care from a doctor of physical therapy in Edinboro, PA by calling Keystone Rehabilitation Systems at (814) 273-8694.  Dr. Ryan Carlisle and our team of physical therapists are ready to offer one-on-one care for each patient to deal with a wide of physical health concerns.  We help with injuries, as well as offer chronic pain management solutions for different musculoskeletal conditions, when you call today.
Tearing an ACL will probably mean undergoing surgery, then an extensive period of postsurgical rehabilitation.  When the surgical procedure is complete and you’re looking for an Edinboro physical therapy provider, your search should focus on those specializing in sports injury rehabilitation.  Give us a call to reach sports medicine specialists ready to provide postoperative care after joint repair or replacement surgery.
We believe in utilizing manual therapy techniques to provide relief from pain without the often harmful side-effects of medication.  A call here will let you schedule aquatic therapy for sore joints and muscles or take advantage of personalized workers comp rehab plans to recover from injury and return to your work.  You just have to dial our number to find the rehabilitative care you need today.
In a search for physical therapy in Edinboro, PA, Keystone Rehabilitation Systems is among the leading care providers.  We offer personalized care to improve your overall health and wellness.  Dialing (814) 273-8694 will get you an appointment at our PT clinic.

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Physical Therapy in Edinboro, PA
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