Physical Therapy in Edina, MN

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Physical Therapy 6515 Barrie Road Edina MN (952) 204-5474You’ll receive comprehensive physical therapy in Edina, MN for all types of injuries by dialing (952) 204-5474.  NovaCare Rehabilitation focuses on offering personalized therapies to help with work or sports injuries.  Do you have a child with developmental difficulties?  Our physical therapists offer pediatric physical therapy for infant torticollis and other like problems.

Elbow, shoulder, knee or ankle joint injuries are often quite painful and take some time to recover from properly.  If you sustain any joint injury, you should seek care from an Edina physical therapy center that offers advanced orthopedic therapy.  Call here to find a hand therapist to treat finger joint pain, sports medicine therapies for sprained ankles and more.

Our entire staff is committed to providing unmatched care regardless of why you come in to see us.  This means you can get a customized workers comp rehabilitation program where you’ll work with an occupational therapy specialist to achieve a fast, safe and complete rehab of any injury or aid with chronic musculoskeletal pains including TMJ dysfunction treatments.  Simply dial the number above and we’ll provide therapeutic care to help you find relief from pain.

The end of your search for physical therapy in Edina, MN will come quickly if you call us at NovaCare Rehabilitation.  We offer personalized care for each patient to aid with a wide range of injuries or other physical health concerns.  Call (952) 204-5474 to learn about all our PT programs now.

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Physical Therapy in Edina, MN
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