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Chiropractor 998 Dudley Road Edgewood, KY 41017 (859) 412-1665End your search for a chiropractor in Edgewood, KY specializing in spinal health by dialing (859) 412-1665.  Dr. David Neville of Edgewood Spine & Rehab Center is committed to providing whatever care you require to end spinal health concerns.  He offers chiropractic adjustments to deal with minor misalignments along with spinal decompression and other therapies to put an end to spinal pain.

Serious back injuries will require proper care and time to rehabilitate if you want to avoid endangering your ability to walk.  If you sustain a major back injury you should consider visiting an Edgewood chiropractor that can provide a full chiropractic rehabilitation program stressing proper care of your injured back.  Make an appointment here to find chiropractic treatment for injuries of the back or anywhere else on the body.

You can count on Dr. Neville to help your entire family with a wide range of injuries, musculoskeletal pains and more.  He offers advanced treatments for bulging and herniated discs to relieve spinal pain along with help ending whiplash neck pain and arthritis joint pain.  Do you have a child troubled with a sports injury?  We offer pediatric chiropractic care to deal with injury or the normal pains of growing up.

Choosing your family’s chiropractor in Edgewood, KY is easy.  Just call Dr. David Neville at Edgewood Spine & Rehab Center for the care you need.   You just dial (859) 412-1665 when you want to take advantage of chiropractic care today.

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Chiropractor in Edgewood, KY
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