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Twin Rivers Podiatry 1901 Hay Terrace Easton PA (610) 467-7132Get the latest technology and care from a podiatrist in Easton, PA today. By dialing (610) 467-7132 for Twin Rivers Podiatry, you will receive personalized care from Robert Kaplan, DPM to relieve your foot pain. We offer the latest remedies for podiatric deformities including tailor-made foot orthotics, effective medications as well as onsite physical therapy. Call our office now to schedule an initial consultation and to receive exceptional podiatric disorder treatment.

Chronic foot and heel pain can be detrimental to your quality of life. Not only does it affect job performance, but it can limit your ability to have an active lifestyle. Our foot doctor offers technologically advanced podiatric paralytic treatment options for mild to severe foot discomfort, as well as diabetic shoes for those who suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Invasive surgery or extensive physical therapy is not always what is required to end ongoing foot aches. We find that simple solutions, such as podiatric orthotics or inserts often used for bunion treatment, are useful options. Regardless of your ailment, we begin with conservative methods and only utilize surgery if absolutely necessary. We are highly trained in podiatric orthopedics as well as podiatric sports therapy to ease tension and strain that accompanies our athletic patients.

When you want a podiatrist in Easton, PA that is committed to your immediate concerns, contact Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton and Robert Kaplan, DPM anytime. We welcome your call today at (610) 467-7132 to schedule an appointment of gain more information on our services. Simply contact us to end your foot pain today.

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Podiatrist in Easton, PA
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