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Physical Therapy 3119 Cranberry Highway East Wareham MA 02538 (508) 296-4364Choose a patient focused team for physical therapy in East Wareham, MA by seeking the services offered at Physiotherapy Associates. When you place a call to (508) 296-4364, you can set up a high quality physical rehabilitation program to improve your physical impairment or recover after surgery. Along with postoperative rehabilitation we offer advanced occupation therapy to ensure you lead a full life unrestricted by structural limitations.
Is a physical impairment preventing you from taking part in daily activities? The occupational therapy program offered at our East Wareham physical therapy facility can help you regain your independence and self-reliance in an adapted environment. Our physical therapists evaluate your condition in order to create a more personalized treatment protocol that may consist of modifying tasks and engaging you in amended activities of daily living.
Our clinicians also provide outstanding wellness care when you require postoperative and preoperative rehabilitation services. Our postoperative program may consist of manual therapy that can ensure you have appropriate chronic pain care. Preoperative routines may include therapeutic exercise to prevent muscle weakness and reduce recovery time prior to undergoing surgery.
Embrace a better way of transforming your body back to peak physical condition by placing a call to (508) 296-4364 for Physiotherapy Associates. Attain your wellness goals with physical therapy in East Wareham, MA provided by a team of qualified physical therapists. Please give us a call today to learn more about our sports medicine program or to schedule your physical rehabilitation appointment.

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Physical Therapy in East Wareham, MA
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