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Vehicle Donation 580 Myricks Street East Taunton MA 02718 (508) 876-2054Are you looking to make a car donation in East Taunton, MA? When you call (508) 876-2054, America's Car Donation Center will tow your old car in for a great cause. Our customer service team will help you make an auto donation that will benefit a needy charity from our pre-screened list. Instead of trying to sell your old car for a small profit, donate your car and make a difference in someone's life.

Established in 1992, we have made it our mission to help worthy non-profit organizations raise much needed funds through your vehicle donation. One way you can help out is to donate a car to charity. Remember that old junk car that has been sitting on your property so long it is part of the landscaping? You can make a charitable car donation by allowing us to take that old car off your hands. For the most reputable East Taunton car donation business, give us chance to take your junk car donation.

car donation, americas car donation centerGive back with a car donation in East Taunton, MA. Make a difference with a call to (508) 876-2054 and America's Car Donation Center. Reap the benefits and donate a car right now, it is tax deductible and you will finally see the back of that old clunker. Do not look at your old vehicle as a piece of junk; choose "donate car" and do some real good. Not only will we accept your vehicle donation, we will tow it in at no charge. Call today for more information on donating vehicles.


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Car Donation in East Taunton, MA
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