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Physical Therapy 1 Auston Road East Harwich MA 02645 (508) 469-9686Remediate your waning physical condition with restorative physical therapy in East Harwich, MA provided a team of skilled physiotherapists. Physiotherapy Associates at (508) 469-9686 provides physically impaired clients control over their physical rehabilitation journey. We offer specialized rehabilitative services offered by highly trained professionals, ranging from advanced sports medicine to pediatrics rehabilitation.
When you are going through a long recovery, you need committed physical therapists to help you through the physical rehabilitation process. Instead of relying on the opinion of others, seek the personalized care you truly deserve by reaching out to the team at our East Harwich physical therapy center. Our dedicated physiotherapists have years of training and experience in providing a higher level of care when you require chronic pain relief.
Have you been left to pick up the pieces after a recent work accident? Trust that our spirited physical therapists understand your ongoing needs and can offer progressive therapy when you require workers comp rehabilitation. We offer curative manual therapy, as well as therapeutic exercise programs that can physically reeducate your body after sustaining a work injury.
Commit to obtaining the level of care you need to make a speedy recovery by reaching out to Physiotherapy Associates for your orthopedic therapy. Simply dial (508) 469-9686 to receive patient focused care when you need physical therapy in East Harwich, MA to restore your range of motion. Contact our team today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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Physical Therapy in East Harwich, MA
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