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Vet 2 Springhurst Drive East Greenbush NY 12061 (518) 618-2866You can find a vet in East Greenbush, NY for all your pets by dialing (518) 618-2866.  East Greenbush Animal Hospital is staffed by a team of exotic animal vets ready to care for dogs, cats, lizards, pocket pets and many other animals.  Dr. Chris Rocchio, Dr. Debbie Chew, and the rest of our doctors are here to offer pet health checkups and more to help the animals you love live happy, healthy lives.
Internal or external parasites will have a profoundly negative effect on the health of your dog or cat, possibly threatening their very lives.  To help prevent the onset of these nasty parasites, you need to find veterinarians that offer parasite testing, control and prevention treatments.  Make us your East Greenbush vet for heartworm testing and advanced flea and tick prevention solutions.
Our goal is to provide outstanding care to all the pets in your household, from the family cat to the kid’s gerbil.  We offer veterinary surgery including soft tissue and orthopedic procedures along with pet vaccinations against rabies, distemper and other serious diseases.  Is your cat far too fat?  Ask about our pet weight management programs with one call today.
Where you call for a vet in E. Greenbush, NY is important.  The East Greenbush Animal Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary care for all types of animals.  You should dial (518) 618-2866 to reach our vets now.

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Vet in East Greenbush, NY
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