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Vet 210 Beltline Road Dyersville, IA 52040 (563) 217-2443Quality animal healthcare from a vet in Dyersville, IA is found by calling Tri-Vet Associates at (563) 217-2443.  We have a team of experienced, caring veterinarians able to provide a wide range of small animal services from veterinary dental care to ultrasound testing for internal problems.  Was your dog bitten by a venomous snake?  We provide 24-hour emergency veterinary care to deal with this and other life-threatening concerns.

Any animal lover will want to keep their pets healthy and happy throughout a long life.  Probably the best way to help animals is taking them to a Dyersville vet for annual pet wellness exams to catch any problems early.  We can provide complete wellness checkups and have any needed medications in our pet pharmacy.

Here you will find a group of pet care professionals across many veterinary specialties to provide whatever care your pets require.  This includes pet vaccinations to protect against distemper along with animal microchipping implants to aid you in locating lost pets.  Do you want to avoid having a couple of litters each year?  Call our doctors to arrange veterinary surgery to spay or neuter your pet.

The best call you can make for a vet in Dyersville, IA is to Tri-Vet Associates.  Our goal is to offer quality care to keep your pets healthy, happy and active.  Dialing (563) 217-2443 lets you ensure outstanding care for your pets.

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Vet in Dyersville, IA
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