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Vet 1317 East Drinker Street Dunmore PA 18512 (570) 209-5618The call to make for a vet in Dunmore, PA to care for household pets is to (570) 209-5618.  VCA Dunmore Animal Hospital veterinarians will take care of whatever is ailing your beloved family pets.  Whether your dog is ill or you need help from a bird veterinarian for avian viruses, here is where you should call now.

Regular pet health checkups can help your pets avoid serious health problems and expensive trips to a Dunmore vet.  If the time has come for a feline or canine checkup, you’ll want to reach out to a pet healthcare specialist able to provide comprehensive diagnostic testing and any needed care.  One call here will provide your animals with preventative veterinary care in our clinic or via veterinary house calls when they’re too ill to move.

Our goal is to take care of whatever is ailing dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets and many other small animals.  Our services include veterinary dermatology to aid animals with skin problems, along with veterinary euthanasia to put a suffering animal out of their misery.  Do you want a cat spayed or neutered?  Call now to schedule this or other elective veterinary surgery procedures.

You will find a caring vet in Dunmore, PA by calling us at VCA Dunmore Animal Hospital.  We focus on offering quality care to keep household animals healthy throughout their life cycle.  Calling (570) 209-5618 will put you in touch with our vets now.

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Vet in Dunmore, PA
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