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Vet 2099 Oklahoma Salem Road Du Bois PA 15801 (814) 798-1946A quick way to reach a vet in DuBois, PA is by calling (814) 798-1946 and speaking with Animal Health Services. Our veterinarians can lend a helping hand when your pet requires medical care or is in need of general wellness services. Whenever you need to see a dog, cat, or exotic animal vet, our accommodating hospital is here to serve you.
If you are a local pet owner, it is important that you find a reliable DuBois vet like to care for your animal. With us you get just that. We offer preventative veterinary dentistry so pets can reduce their chances of developing periodontal disease. For pets that are being bothered by parasites, we have flea control options to remove these and other types of pests.
Animal microchipping is a new form of pet identification that involves implanting a tiny microchip under your animal’s skin. This microchip can be tracked and serves as a unique digital ID for pets, and is available in our offices. Other services we offer include things like spaying and neutering, veterinary euthanasia, and much more.
Do not hesitate to contact a qualified vet in DuBois, PA by dialing the number (814) 798-1946 and talking to Animal Health Services. We are a trusted source for a diverse range of services, including veterinary surgery. Our animal hospital is waiting to meet you, so call us today.

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Vet in DuBois, PA
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