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Medical Marijuana Physician 67892 M-152 (behind Chemical Bank in Sister Lakes) Dowagiac MI 49047 (269) 200-4605A qualified medical marijuana doctor in Dowagiac, MI under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act is authorized to assist patients obtain a legal Cannabis card for treatment of chronic and, oftentimes, debilitating medical symptoms. U-Med Center at (269) 200-4605 has the authority and medical marijuana physician needed to assist our patients thru the medical marijuana evaluation process to obtain their medical marijuana card. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, Crohn's disease, AIDS/HIV, cancer, or many other illnesses, we can provide the assistance you need for medical marijuana treatment.

U-Med Center prides itself on its caring medical marijuana doctors in Dowagiac, MI, diligently providing the necessary medical marijuana recommendation and examination process required for each of our patients to receive their State required medical marijuana referral. Each Cannabis doctor on our team is a licensed physician who will assist you in getting the treatment and care you may need for your chronic malady. We handle your examination and the paperwork required for your qualified referral to assist you in obtaining your card and, thus, begin treatment for the effects associated with migraines, degenerative disc disease, GERDS, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia – and more.

With a referral from a qualified medical marijuana doctor in Dowagiac, MI – U-Med Center – you no longer need to suffer needlessly. Call us today at (269) 200-4605 and schedule an appointment with a member of our caring medical staff. A member of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association and NORML, the marijuana lobbying organization for legalizing medical marijuana, we look forward to assisting you, Mondays thru Fridays, 12pm – 5pm. Call us today. Your Place for Medical Marijuana Endorsement Exams.

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Dowagiac, MI
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