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Select Physical Therapy 913 West Business Highway 60 Dexter MO (573) 203-5621Do you need effectual physical therapy in Dexter, MO? Contact Select Physical Therapy by dialing (573) 203-5621 to obtain the level of care you deserve when undergoing physical rehabilitation. We offer neurological rehabilitation as well as prosthetic therapy to improve your quality of life long after recovery.

If you rely on strength and dexterity to complete job-related duties, a neurological or physical injury can greatly reduce your capabilities. Our Dexter physical therapy specialists understand how important it is to restore function after an accident and strive to provide services that balance your work and individual needs. With workers compensation rehabilitation, the focus is on returning you to pre-injury status by restoring your physical form through exercise and adaptive training.

When you are dealing with constant pain due to sports injuries or spinal conditions, you should really take the time to explore your physical rehabilitation options. Orthopedic therapy focuses on the treatment of orthopedic injuries such as fractures of sprains resulting from damage to upper or lower extremities. Our treatments consist of muscle re-education and therapeutic exercise routines that provide acute pain relief and improve overall function.

Complete your wellness journey with the help of skilled physical therapists by seeking the patient focused care available at Select Physical Therapy. Simply dial (573) 203-5621 to set up your appointment for physical therapy in Dexter, MO and ensure your treatment regimen is geared towards your individual needs. Call today to schedule your physical rehabilitation assessment.

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Physical Therapy in Dexter, MO
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