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Veterinarians 2485 Lawrenceville Highway Decatur GA 30033 (404) 939-3904An experienced vet in Decatur, GA for your pet is North Dekalb Veterinary Clinic. Contact us at (404) 939-3904 and we will provide the compassionate care for your pet that will exceed your expectations. Call our office now and schedule your animal for an initial examination and treatment plan.

We have been in the business for over 30 years, providing care as an equine vet for the large number of horses in the area as well as all general veterinary clinic services. From small household pocket pets to large canine breeds, our veterinarians know how much pets and even livestock can mean to your life. Our sensitive staff will pamper your animal with tender, expert medical care.

At our animal hospital we routinely provide spaying and neutering procedures, as well as animal microchipping. These valuable treatments will help your pet live longer and reduce roaming urges. If you want animal grooming to keep your pet sanitary and comfortable, our staff is able to provide this service with gentle handling of your pet.

From routine animal flea control to exotic animal vet services, our full featured vet practice is here to help your pet in every way. Select the professional vet in Decatur, GA for your pet. Dial (404) 939-3904 and let North Dekalb Veterinary Clinic earn your trust today.

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Vet in Decatur, GA
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