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Ashwander Animal Clinic 2001 6th Avenue SE Decatur AL (256) 669-0950Are you looking for an animal vet in Decatur, AL to care for your pets?  Then dial (256) 669-0950 to reach Ashwander Animal Clinic to provide whatever healthcare services your pets require.  We handle everything from pet health checkups throughout their lives to veterinary surgery for spaying and neutering.  Make your pet an appointment with our vets now.

Nobody likes to go through the worry, stress and anxiety of having a pet run away from home.  To ensure your dog or cat can be found if they happen to run off, you should consider calling a Decatur vet able to provide animal microchipping services that will help you locate them quickly.  Make us your small animal vet when you want a locator microchip implanted in one or more of your pets.

You can count on our team of experienced veterinarians regardless of what is wrong with your pets.  We offer animal vaccinations against rabies and other serious illnesses along with veterinary dentistry and dermatology services to help animals have healthy teeth and skin.  All you need do is dial the number above to schedule an appointment for your pet today.

The call you want to make for a vet in Decatur, AL is to Ashwander Animal Clinic.  We see pets of all sizes to keep them healthy for a long time.  Call (256) 669-0950 to reach our veterinarians today.

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Vet in Decatur, AL
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