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Tutor 2040 Monroe St Ste 202 Dearborn MI 48124 (727) 260-4466End your search for a professional tutor in Dearborn, MI by calling Sylvan Learning Center at (727) 260-4466.  We offer a wide range of tutoring services to help children in all levels of schooling from pre-kindergarten to high school.  You can enroll your students in ACT prep classes to improve standardized test scores, or get them help from a certified math tutor, all with one call today.

When a child has problems reading it can be embarrassing, especially in a class with their peers.  To improve your kid’s reading skills, you will want to find a Dearborn tutor able to offer private tutoring in comprehension, vocabulary, phonics and other reading skills. At our tutoring center, you will find a reading tutor able to help with this and more.

One call here will provide your child with a personalized tutoring program to help them in whatever classes they are having problems understanding.  This lets us offer test prep and study skills tutoring when you desire SAT prep along with help in general school subjects.  Are you looking for a GED tutor?  Call us now to get help with the GED exam.

The name to remember for a tutor in Dearborn, MI is Sylvan Learning Center.  You can count on us to help children in all grades with the classes they must complete to advance.  Simply dial (727) 260-4466 to schedule tutoring sessions now.


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Tutor in Dearborn, MI
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