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Physical Therapy 23852 Michigan Avenue Dearborn MI 48124 (313) 457-1819Advanced Physical Therapy in Dearborn, MI is here to care for injured athletes.  Dialing (313) 457-1819 will put you in touch with physical therapists ready to offer advanced sports medicine therapies to help with minor to severe hurts.  A call here will provide aid through a comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation program regardless of the age of the injured athlete.

Chronic aches and pains can come from a variety of musculoskeletal problems throughout your body.  To deal with such problems, call Dearborn physical therapy specialists that offer manual therapy treatments to naturally relieve pain.  Call here for pain management solutions, including a variety of hands-on, manual therapies.

One call here will provide you with personalized physical and neuro rehabilitation programs to help you recover from injury as quickly and as safely as possible.  You can call us about workers comp rehab with an occupational therapy expert able to walk you through injury treatment and work conditioning programs. We can also treat you for chronic pains that make day-to-day living difficult.  You simply have to dial our number to seek therapy for a wide range of physical health issues today.

Whether you’re injured or just dealing with severe pain, physical therapy in Dearborn, MI to aid your rehab efforts is found at Advanced Physical Therapy.  Personalized care from a physical therapist dedicated to your rehab success is found by dialing (313) 457-1819.  Make that call right now.

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Physical Therapy in Dearborn, MI
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