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Animal Flea Control 8120 South Cass Avenue Darien IL 60561 (630) 658-0516The only vet in Darien, IL you need to call for the proper holistic medicine for any pet is Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic at (630) 658-0516. Our experienced veterinarians understand how to implement natural methods to handle any possible pet ailment. From flea control and declawing to any internal disease, you can trust us with the proper care of pets.

If you have ever worried that your pets may run off because they're in heat, you have a couple different options to ensure that they will be safe. You can have microchipping implanted to easily locate them but the better solution by far is to have surgical spaying/neutering done to prevent them from chasing after the opposite sex. Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic can help no matter which solution you choose.

As a small animal vet, we are committed to helping any pet you love live a long and healthy life right at your side. We treat hamsters and guinea pigs as an exotic animal vet and offer help as a reptile vet when your old turtle is not feeling his best. Our animal loving staff is here to meet all your pets' needs.

Finding a vet in Darien, IL that treats everything from ferrets to frogs is easy when you call Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic at (630) 658-0516. Call now so we can provide the quality of care you want for your animal friends.

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Vet in Darien, IL
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